LED Replacment for H3 Bulbs

  • LED Replacment for H3 Bulbs.


LED-110V2 passing lamp kit replaces your factory H3 Halogen bulbs with a super-bright LED.  Producing a super-bright 1200-lumens of total output (600 per bulb), the LED-110 is much brighter than factory H3 bulbs. Nighttime visibility is very important for every motorcyclist.  The LED-110 passing lamp kit turns nighttime darkness into day with a 6000 Kelvin pure, white light.  In contrast, your factory Halogen bulbs produce a more yellow-tinted light. Need a few more reasons to purchase the LED-110 kit?  How about the 30,000-hour lifetime, RFI shielding to preventing radio inference, lower power consumption, or that installing them is as easy as changing your factory bulbs.  If you have any questions or would like to order your LED-110 today, call us at 262-763-8222. Note: The LED-110 LED replacements meet or exceeds D.O.T. standards but are not D.O.T. approved. read more
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